2023’s Best Cheap Sneakers for Men: Stylish & Affordable

What’s up fam, it’s your boy here with some dope sneaker news for all the fellas out there. Sneakers have been a staple in every guy’s shoe collection for years, and there’s no denying their popularity amongst males. You can wear versatile sneakers for comfort, style, or a mix of both with almost anything. That’s why today, we’re talking about the best cheap sneakers for men in 2023. Yeah, you heard that right. We’ve scoured the internet and found the sickest kicks that won’t break the bank. Get ready to upgrade your shoe game, fellas. 

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Factors in Choosing the Best Cheap Sneakers for Men

 So, you’re looking for the best cheap kicks out there, huh? Well, first things first – style is key, my friend. You want something that looks dope, you know? But don’t just focus on the outside – comfort and support are just as important. No one wants achy feet after a long day. And hey, you don’t want these bad boys to fall apart after a week. Make sure to check for durability and quality before swiping that card. And of course, availability and affordability are crucial factors. You want something easy to find and won’t break the bank. Happy shopping!

Top 15 Best Cheap Sneakers for Men in 2023 

1. Best Overall Sneaker: Vans Old Skool Classic Skate Shoe.

The OG skate shoe brand has been killing it since ’66, and unlike those other fancy labels, it’s stayed true to its affordable roots. Their classic kicks, like the Old Skool, Slip-on, and Authentic, won’t break the bank at under $75 a pop – and they’re iconic AF. Rock ’em with skate or street gear, or step up your preppy game – these budget sneakers can handle it all. And if you’re on the lookout for some special edition styles, keep an eye out for sick sales where you can score some seriously discounted kicks.

2. Best Budget Hi-Top Sneaker: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Top

Even after a century, the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star continues to be one of the most famous sneakers ever. It’s also one of the greatest deals. For many generations of young people, Converse was the ultimate cheap sneaker brand because Chucks were inexpensive and looked even better when they were worn out.
Nowadays, Converse has caught on to the iconic status of the sneaker and offers numerous variations of the classic design, as well as collaborations with designers and famous individuals. That means you can always find great deals. Also, don’t forget about the brand’s underrated models, like the One Star or Jack Purcell, which are also very affordable alternatives. 

3. Best Affordable Low-Top Sneaker: Puma Suede Classic Sneaker

Puma is often ignored in the sneaker game because there are so many options out there. But don’t sleep on Puma, they have a rich background and killer designs that prove they’re not just another brand. Sure, they may not have a superstar shoe like the Air Force One, but they do have a dope collection of awesome and super affordable sneakers in their archive. Check out the Suede, Smash, and Roma, which all pay homage to the old-school athletic kicks from the 70s and 80s. And if that’s not your style, they also have some sick deals on their bulky trainers and cool basketball shoes.

4. Best Classic White Sneaker: Nike Air Force 1

These old-school kicks are so versatile, they can go from chill to fancy without breaking a sweat. Since they came out way back in ’82, they’ve kept their classic vibe by sticking to their original design. Can you believe even basketball pros rock them on the court? That just goes to show how incredibly adaptable they are. AF1s are easily one of the dopest white sneakers out there, loved by sneakerheads for any and every occasion. Whether you’re just running errands or hitting up a fancy event, these kicks got your back.

5. Great Budget-Friendly Sneaker: Adidas Samba 

This super cool soccer sneaker has totally passed the test and is now the ultimate pick for chilled-out shoes that work for anything. The huge range of designs and colors makes it super versatile and still totally simple and creative. Plus, they even have a vegan option for animal lovers out there.

6. Best Athletic Sneaker: Adidas Gazelle

The Gazelle is, like, one of Adidas’ all-time coolest shoes. It’s been around since the 60s, so it’s got a major history. Even though it might seem kinda basic compared to modern kicks, its simple and fresh design has won over tons of fans and kept it in production for a solid 50 years.

7. Best Value for A Sneaker: Adidas Stan Smith

So, back in 1965, the Adidas Stan Smith kicks hit the scene. These bad boys are all about that high-quality leather and fancy-pants details. And guess what? They’re still going strong today! They’ve been through some changes over the years and now you can find them in all sorts of styles and materials. Suede, cotton, you name it! Lastly, they’ve got that classic, minimalist vibe but with a fresh twist every now and then thanks to The Three Stripe Company.

8. Best Cheap Canvas Sneaker: Vans Slip-On

“I’ve always thought of like a canvas. The designers at Adidas have done many different iterations — not only colors, also materials — but the silhouette stays the same and you can always recognize it from a long way away” — Stan Smith

This rad skate shoe has been around since the late ‘70s and is still one of the sickest affordable kicks for dudes today. Whether you rock the iconic checkered look or keep it clean with all-black, these slip-ons will help you get to your destination in style.
They’re perfect for chill outfits, but my buddy even rocks them in place of fancy loafers, proving that these shoes can seriously go with anything.

9. Best Daily Trainer: New Balance 574

The 574 was made to be a trustworthy shoe that could handle a bunch of different activities really well, instead of being all about fancy technology or fancy materials. This simple and versatile nature is exactly why the 574 became a legendary shoe. The 574, with its versatile design for both roads and trails and a wider shape than the previous generation’s slim racing styles, truly offered a unique, straightforward, tough, long-lasting, and comfortable fit. People around the world began wearing it constantly because of these features. Today, the 574’s boundary-breaking New Balance style is known and worn by everyone.

10. 2nd Best Athletic Sneaker: New Balance 550

The first version of the 550 came out back in 1989 and it became a big hit on basketball courts all over the country. After a while, it got put away in the archives. But then it came back in late 2020 in a limited edition and in 2021 it was brought back for good and quickly became a really popular choice worldwide. The 550 has a low-top design that looks sleek and it’s influenced by the durable styles from the late 80s. The materials used for the upper part of the shoe, like leather, synthetic materials, and mesh, give it a timeless look no matter what time period. 

11. Great Atheltic Shoes: Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid

The AJ1 is like the OG sneaker that started it all. It’s a big deal in the basketball shoe world. Every year, they drop new colorways and they sell out like hotcakes. These Michael Jordan kicks are super cool and they actually have really good arch support, which is unexpected for an old-school design. If you’re looking for the sickest sneakers for dudes, these are definitely a top choice.

12. Best New Sneakers: Nike Waffle One

This sneaker is super stylish for everyday wear, especially in hot weather. Also, It’s got a cool vintage vibe but also has all the latest Nike tech and is made from recycled materials. There have been lots of different versions and colors released, including special editions like this one. And the best part? It has around a $100 price tag, so it’s a total steal for a mix of old-school and modern styles.

13. Best Cheap Day Shoes: Puma Clyde OG

Puma is celebrating 50 years of their Clyde shoe. Which happens to be the same amount of time since Walt Clyde Frazier led the New York Knicks to their last NBA championship. As a result, these kicks are super unique for 2023. They come in a bunch of colors, including a really cool cherry red, and have a retro vibe that can’t be replicated. Just like the other two pairs of sneakers on our list, these bad boys are a must-have for sneakerheads.

14. Best Old School Sneaker: Nike Blazer 77′ High

Yo, this sick low-top sneaker brings back the old-school vibes from the ’70s and keeps them alive. It’s got a sleek look, thanks to its smooth outsole and classic silhouette, but don’t be fooled – it’s still ready for the modern game. You can’t miss the cool details, like the suede patches and the foam tongue that’s got a rough and raw feel. This sneaker is all about paying respect to its OG roots. it’s got a lace-up style that seamlessly brings all its layers together. All in all, it’s got a clean and stylish look.

15.  Best Cheap Comfortable Sneaker: All Birds Tree Dasher 

Honestly, sustainable design usually doesn’t come cheap, but these awesome knitted cushion sneakers from Allbirds won’t break the bank. a special merino blend that’s perfect for footwear makes them breathable, light, and stylishly simple.
Whether you’re using them for working out or just rocking them on a regular day, these sneakers are a super comfy and easy addition to your shoe collection.

 Benefits of Investing in Cheap Sneakers for Men

Listen up, fellas! I’m here to spill some tea about why investing in cheap sneakers for stylish men is the best move you can make. First off, let’s talk about the price. Who doesn’t love a good bargain, am I right? You can snag some super cool kicks without breaking the bank. Plus, with so many fly designs and styles available, you can definitely find the perfect pair to match your swag. And let’s not forget the practicality and durability of these bad boys. Nonetheless, you can wear them for any occasion, and they’ll hold up against whatever you throw their way. Bottom line? Cheap sneakers for men are a win-win, my dudes.  


So there you have it, folks! We’ve summed up the best cheap sneakers for men in 2023, and boy, are they some good-looking kicks! Planning to up your shoe game this year without breaking the bank? Don’t hesitate to invest in a pair of these affordable yet stylish and quality sneakers. Trust us, your wallet (and feet) will thank you. From classic canvas to cool runners, we’ve got options for any style and occasion. So what are you waiting for? Add some fresh new kicks to your wardrobe and step up your shoe game today!

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