Celebrating Four Decades of Brilliance with G-SHOCK’s Innovative ‘CLEAR REMIX’ Series

G-SHOCK, a brand synonymous with toughness and innovation, is marking its 40th anniversary with the launch of the G Shock “CLEAR REMIX” series. The new series is a testament to the brand’s history and relentless pursuit of innovation, offering a fresh take on some of its most iconic models.

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The CLEAR REMIX Series: A Nostalgic Glimpse into the Future

The “CLEAR REMIX” series represents a nostalgic yet futuristic approach to watch design. It features revamped versions of G-SHOCK’s most cherished models, including the DWE-5640RX-7, DW-6940RX-7, DW-5040RX-7, and GA-2140RX-7A. These models introduce a unique blend of transparent and mixed materials, offering a backstage view of the shock-resistant mechanisms that have been the brand’s hallmark since 1983.

A Legacy of Unmatched Durability

Since its inception, G-SHOCK has been a beacon of durability and utility in the watch industry. No brand matches the reputation of crafting virtually indestructible lifestyle, utility, and sports watches. With the 40th anniversary collection, G-SHOCK revisits its revered silhouettes, including the first-ever DW-5000 model introduced in 1983. Hybrid digital models like the DW-5600, DW-6900, and GA-2100 have further enhanced the brand’s appeal, thanks to decades of successful collaborations and limited-edition releases.

An Inside Look at the CLEAR REMIX Collection

The “CLEAR REMIX” series offers a distinct look at the inner mechanisms of the watches. From the band to the buttons, the collection utilizes transparent materials, providing a unique insight into the shock-resistant features, a trademark of G-SHOCK since its inception. Models like the GA-2140RX-7A, DW-5040RX-7, and DWE-5640RX-7 stand out with their transparent dials and center cases. This allows for a modern and nostalgic aesthetic, paying homage to G-SHOCK’s rich history.

G-SHOCK Clear Remix Lookbook

Unique Features & Design Elements

One of the standout features of the “CLEAR REMIX” series is the octagonal GA-2140RX-7A. This model showcases G-SHOCK’s carbon core guard structure and see-through materials used for the dial, index marks, and dial ring. The dial’s glass-like facade reveals distinctive face molding and intricate components underneath. With added features such as world time in 31 zones, a 1/100-second stopwatch, a countdown timer, five daily alarms, and a full auto calendar, this model truly epitomizes G-SHOCK’s commitment to innovation and functionality.

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A Tribute to the Past

The DWE-5640RX-7 model pays tribute to G-SHOCK’s legacy with a transparent dial and center case, paired with a mixed-material band design. The band combines clear resin and two-tone stainless steel, a nod to G-SHOCK’s many predecessors. Following in its steps is the DW-5040RX-7, which sports a clear LCD. Despite their modern aesthetics, these models retain the renowned 200-meter water resistance and shock-resistant nature of G-SHOCK.

Commemorative Design Elements

The “CLEAR REMIX” collection is adorned with commemorative motifs that pay homage to G-SHOCK’s history. Four-star and “Since 1983” motifs embellish the metal band loop and clasp, while the 40th-anniversary logo, designed by Eric Haze, is engraved on the back of each model. These features remind wearers of the brand’s 40-year journey and its commitment to innovation and durability.

An Elevated Unboxing Experience

Each watch in the “CLEAR REMIX” series aligns with the celebratory theme and comes in a custom-designed, limited-edition gift box. These boxes, with their G-shaped inserts, offer an elevated unboxing experience, adding to the overall allure of these commemorative timepieces.

Honoring the Brand’s Heritage

Through the “CLEAR REMIX” series, G-SHOCK honors its heritage by embracing the simplicity of its core watch designs. Despite introducing novel materials and design elements, the brand stays true to its roots, offering rugged, tough, and reliable products.

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Shopping for the CLEAR REMIX Collection

The 40th-anniversary “CLEAR REMIX” series is available for purchase on G-SHOCK’s website. For those interested in exploring more about the brand, G-SHOCK’s latest collections can be browsed here.


With the “CLEAR REMIX” series, G-SHOCK continues to push the boundaries of watch design, all while staying true to its core values of durability and innovation. As the brand celebrates 40 years, it’s clear that G-SHOCK’s legacy of creating tough, stylish, and versatile watches will continue for many more years.

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G-SHOCK Clear Remix Lookbook

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