Crocs All Terrain Clog x Levi’s: A Denim-Clad Comfort Revolution

In the world of fashion collaborations, some partnerships make headlines for their unexpected combinations. The Crocs All Terrain Clog x Levi’s collaboration is one such partnership that has fashion enthusiasts on their toes. This unique fusion brings together the comfort of Crocs and the timeless appeal of Levi’s denim in a strikingly unique fashion statement.

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A Fusion of Brands

Crocs and Levi’s, two iconic brands, have come together to give birth to an unconventional footwear marvel – the Crocs All Terrain Clog x Levi’s. Both brands, known for their distinct style statements, have combined their forces to redefine comfort and style.

Crocs, a brand synonymous with comfort and casual style, is famous for its signature clogs. On the other hand, Levi’s, a pioneer in denim fashion, has shaped the way the world dresses for decades. The amalgamation of these two giants has resulted in a product that radiates comfort and quality.

The Inspiration behind the Design

The Crocs All Terrain Clog x Levi’s draws inspiration from Sashiko, a traditional Japanese embroidery technique. Sashiko, known for its geometric stitchwork, is a form of functional embroidery used to reinforce or repair worn-out clothes. The use of this technique adds a layer of cultural depth and distinctiveness to the clogs.

The Sashiko-inspired design is visible in the intricate geometric stitching across the toe box of the clogs. The design is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and self-expression, inviting fans to step into a new era of creativity and comfort.

Two Unique Offerings

The collaboration unveils two unique offerings, each carrying an elevated take on Crocs’ All-Terrain Clog silhouette. While both pairs showcase the Sashiko-inspired design, they bring their unique flavor to the table.

The First Pair: Light Denim Finish

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The first pair captivates attention with its light denim finish. It features a fabric tag and authentic jeans buttons on the nylon strap, accentuating the Levi’s brand. The clogs come adorned with a Japanese Two-Horse pull logo on the footbed, adding an additional layer of cultural nuance. The cream-toned treaded sole unit elegantly supports the captivating design of the clogs.

The Second Pair: Traditional Sashiko

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The second pair stands out with its traditional Sashiko navy denim twill, meticulously embroidered with white geometric stitchwork. This version sits atop a matching navy clog base and is embellished with a signature red Levi’s tag on the lateral side, making a bold statement about the collaboration’s creative union.

Additional Features

Each pair comes with three premium metal Jibbitz charms, custom-made for the collaboration. These charms not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the clogs but also provide a personal touch, allowing the wearers to customize their pair as per their preferences.

On the functional side, the clogs utilize adjustable turbo heel straps and rugged lug outsoles with enhanced tread. These features ensure increased traction and support, making the clogs perfect for all terrains.

A Third Offering: Inspired by Shibori Dyeing Technique

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Apart from the two primary pairs, the collaboration also introduces a third offering: a tie-dye print Classic Clog. This design is inspired by the Japanese Shibori dyeing technique and features Levi’s button shank hinge hardware, red outsoles, and a Two Horse-Pull heel stamp on the footbed.

For promoting self-expression, the Classic Clog comes with eight custom Levi’s Jibbitz charms. These charms, inspired by 1960s counterculture and archival Levi’s graphics, add a nostalgic touch to the contemporary design.

Where & When to Buy

The Levi’s x Crocs collaboration has been creating waves ever since its announcement. The much-anticipated collection is set for a worldwide release on Levi’s official website, the Levi’s App, and select Levi’s Stores. Additionally, the collection will be available for purchase on Crocs’ official website and through select wholesale partners globally.

The Verdict

The Crocs All Terrain Clog x Levi’s is a celebration of comfort, quality, and unique style. This collaboration invites fans to step into a world of creativity, comfort, and bold self-expression. Whether you’re a fan of Crocs’ comfort or Levi’s timeless style, this collection is sure to be a brilliant addition to your wardrobe.

Owning a pair of Crocs All Terrain Clog x Levi’s is not just about comfort; it’s about making a style statement. The unique design, the cultural nuances, and the brand collaboration make these clogs more than just a pair of footwear. They are a testament to the wearer’s style, comfort, and appreciation for quality and innovation.

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The Brands Speak

The collaboration is an embodiment of both brands’ commitment to innovation and self-expression. Levi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Mitchell, expressed his excitement about working with the forward-thinking Crocs team. The collaboration, he said, invites everyone to step into a new era of creativity and comfort.

Echoing similar sentiments, Heidi Cooley, Chief Marketing Officer at Crocs, highlighted that both brands share a commitment to innovation and self-expression. She believes that this collaboration invites fans everywhere to step into a new era of creativity and comfort.


The Crocs All Terrain Clog x Levi’s collaboration is more than just a fashion statement. It’s a step towards a future where comfort and style go hand in hand. It’s a testament to the power of innovation, self-expression, and collaboration. This unique fusion of comfort and quality is a beacon for future fashion collaborations, setting the bar high for what’s possible when two iconic brands come together.

So, are you ready to step into the future with the Crocs All Terrain Clog x Levi’s? Because the future of comfort and style is here, and it’s more exciting than ever.

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