Stone Island x New Balance 574 Legacy Drops June 14th, 2024!

The sneaker community is excited as the much-awaited second installment of the Stone Island x New Balance 574 Legacy collection is set to hit the shelves on June 14th, 2024. This iconic collaboration between two powerhouses of streetwear and sneaker culture promises to be a game-changer, blending utilitarian style with everyday wearability.

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A Harmonious Fusion of Innovation and Heritage

Stone Island and New Balance have teamed up to create the 574 Legacy Sneaker, a fresh take on a classic. With Stone Island’s famed color innovation drawn from their archives, the collaboration delivers a sneaker that blends nostalgia with modernity.

This collaboration between New Balance and Stone Island is all about detail! The ‘N’ logo mirrors the SS ’89 Raw Canvas Blouson’s elbow patch, while their iconic Compass patch graces the tongue. The collection offers two unique colorways: earthy neutrals for understated elegance, and a lively aquamarine and ochre mix for a pop of color.

These meticulously crafted sneakers feature durable ripstop uppers and stylish nubuck overlays. With a comfy EVA foam midsole, reflective heel tabs, and adjustable lace-up closure, they perfectly blend fashion and function.

A Coveted Release for Sneaker Enthusiasts

The Stone Island x New Balance 574 Legacy collection is set to drop on June 14th, 2024. Initially exclusive to Stone Island’s outlets, a wider release on is expected. Stay tuned for possible surprises from this highly sought-after sneaker collab!

Exploring the Colorways: Olive and Aquamarine & Ochre

While both colorways share the same design elements and construction, they offer distinct aesthetic experiences that cater to different tastes and preferences.


For those who appreciate a more understated and versatile look, the olive pair is a perfect choice. This colorway fully expresses earthy neutrals, making it an ideal addition to any wardrobe and suitable for a wide range of styling options.

The Aquamarine & Ochre Edition: NEW BALANCE X STONE ISLAND U574LGT

If you’re seeking a touch of vibrancy without compromising the overall subdued aesthetic, the aquamarine and ochre edition is sure to catch your eye. This colorway introduces pops of color within the same understated bounds, offering a fresh and eye-catching twist on the classic sneaker silhouette.

Raffle Entry & Release Information

As with any highly coveted sneaker release, securing a pair of the Stone Island x New Balance 574 Legacy collection may require strategic planning and perseverance. Here’s what you need to know about the raffle entry and release details:

Stone Island Channels (Online and In-Store)

The initial release of both colorways will be exclusive to Stone Island’s channels, including their online store and physical retail locations. Fans can expect the pairs to drop on June 14th, 2024, at the following times:

US & EU Release (June 14th, 2024)

  • Retailer: Stone Island Online Store
  • Time: 10:00 AM (Local Time)
  • Shipping: North America Only
  • Release Type: Standard
  • Status: Coming Soon

Global Release (TBA)

While the initial release will be limited to Stone Island’s channels, a global launch on is highly anticipated. However, further details regarding the timing and availability have yet to be confirmed. Sneaker enthusiasts are advised to stay tuned for updates and potential surprises.

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Raffle Entry and Purchase Options

To increase your chances of securing a pair, it’s recommended to explore various raffle entry options and monitor reputable sneaker release platforms for updates. Some potential avenues include:

  • Stone Island’s official website and mobile app
  • Feature Raffle!
  • END. Clothing Raffle!
  • Dedicated sneaker release apps and websites
  • Other Local sneaker boutiques and retailers
  • Social media channels and online communities

Remember, limited releases often sell out quickly, so being prepared and staying vigilant is key to increasing your chances of success.


The highly anticipated Stone Island x New Balance 574 Legacy collection drops on June 14th, 2024. This collab is a sneakerhead’s dream, merging fashion and function in a standout design. Whether you snag a pair at release or wait for the global launch, this collection will undeniably impact the sneaker and fashion scenes.

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